We do what other umbrellas do, but better. It’s not just about getting a ‘better pay rate or take home rate’. We’ve already got that covered.

It’s about delivering that and so much more…

  • Market leading remuneration packages
  • Contract review and negotiation tips
  • CV and resume analysis and evaluation
  • Easy to use mobile and desktop apps

Our Mission

Appytech is a payroll and technology services company like no other. We’re here to simply transform the user experience of contractors, freelancers and recruiters that are required to engage with employment and payroll related services and products, whether that’s umbrella, limited company, outsourcing, payroll and related software.

To do this, Appytech brings together a genuinely unique mix of grey hair, creative flair and can-do attitude, for the purpose of challenging the status quo.

Our core areas of expertise encompass both interesting stuff like:

  • Contractors; likes/dislikes, behaviour & decision making processes.
  • Software for desktop and mobile; we’re always learning and adding new functions to make life even easier.
  • Cloud computing and sophisticated stuff that’s in place to make life simpler.

And more mundane (but important) things including:

  • Employment and taxation.
  • Accounting and finance.
  • Business processes and outsourcing.

Get in touch or have a nosey round our site to see how we can genuinely give you so much more.