It’s not all about the fees (but ours is amongst the lowest)

Besides providing common sense guidance to contractors in terms of the Umbrella vs Limited question, we’ll often challenge preconceived ideas of what’s best, and why.

Before you think about fees, expenses and pay rates, take a minute to review one of our short blog posts, particularly if you are thinking that limited company is your “least worst” option, or that umbrella just can’t cut the mustard anymore.

Mutual Umbrella Vs Limited
What no one tells you about going Limited
Mutual makes a difference

  • £5

    per week Umbrella Service

    Even if you need to pay, we only charge £5 per week to process your PAYE umbrella payments, and we’ll often include other perks at no extra cost. We use lots of apps, outsourcing and automation to help drive down our costs.

    Only pay a fee when you’re paid

    Insurance & same-day payments included

    Complementary life cover for higher earners

  • Hedge your bets!

    Umbrella Vs Limited?

    Sign-up for an umbrella service today and qualify for a free limited company after 6 months of umbrella payroll payments. The 6 months of billing data will also enable us to produce more accurate limited company pay projections.

    Free company setup

    Accurate pay projections

    Easy migration for Umbrella

  • £25

    per week Limited Company Service

    It’s quite common for umbrella workers to consider using a limited company as and when circumstances dictate. Our limited company services provide for the smoothest and cheapest migration from umbrella to limited company.

    Free company set-up for Appytech umbrella workers

    Otherwise £150 set-up (one-off payment)

    Self-Assessment support included

Not sure which option is best?

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