North vs South?

It’s an ever raging debate (not only amongst football and rugby fans) and sure to be one argument that also takes place in workplaces, schoolyards and pubs. It’s even been made popular in fictional TV program where ‘winter is coming’ (we all know that winter has always been here in the UK, it never really goes).

To add fuel to that fire we’ve had a look at where the top cities are to work in 2016. There’s a few answers that may surprise you and some that may not. We’ll leave you and your work colleagues to the debate that this will surely raise.

For us, it doesn’t matter where you work – our service stays consistent whether you’re in Paris or Portsmouth, there’s no compromise on Appytech promises.

Who’s at the top?

The top spot goes to…Cambridge.

Yes, you read correct. Cambridge came top of the list from a report carried out by Glassdoor, the jobs and recruiting site, on the criteria of hiring opportunities, cost of living and overall satisfaction. This could be down to Cambridge becoming a hot spot for high-tech companies, possibly leading to an influx of skilled professionals relocating to earn better wages minus the London costs.

The full list is below – where did your city come?

1 – Cambridge
2 – Milton Keynes
3 – Nottingham
4 – Leeds
5 – Peterborough
6 – Coventry
7 – Reading
8 – Bradford
9 – Northampton
10 – Swindon
11 – Manchester
12 – Aberdeen
13 – Warrington
14 – Bristol
15 – Glasgow
16 – Edinburgh
17 – Oxford
18 – Liverpool

Posted in Knowledge On August 18, 2016