You’ve dusted the cobwebs off your lesson plans and you’re raring to go for another term of teaching after a blissful six week’s summer break. Everything’s going great until you receive your first payslip and wonder – am I actually getting the best take home pay rate from my umbrella company?

If you haven’t yet questioned this, you should be. Here at Appytech we know you’ve got enough on your hands with lunch duty and forgotten homework, so we want to make this as easy and simple as possible. After all, there are a lot of school days in a year – and that could be a lot of extra cash in your pocket if you choose the right umbrella solution.

Introducing our Mutual Umbrella
*Drum roll please*… We’re not just any old standard umbrella, we are a Mutual Umbrella (similar to a workers cooperative to put it simply). This means that all our members collaborate for a mutual benefit, from supply teachers to web developers, nurses to riggers – everyone is better off together! By becoming part of our band of merry contractors you could increase your take home pay by up to 20%. On top of this we are 100% compliant with HMRC, giving you full peace of mind. It doesn’t take a Maths Teacher to work out that this means more money for you to spend on your many, many weeks of annual leave (we’re just jealous). After all, we think you deserve to treat yourself after days spent teaching and nights spent marking.

“But I have a limited company, can you help me?”
We hear your cries and the answer is yes! The take home pay rate with Appytech’s Mutual Umbrella is comparable and competitive with that of using your limited company, without the hassles of managing your accounts (or paying an accountant to do so), and with the perks of employment such as workplace insurance and SSP. In April 2017 more rules will be coming, leaving workers in the public sector unable to use their limited companies. It costs nothing to join us and nothing to leave us, so why not try us out and prepare for the future?

To find out how much money could end up in your pocket (after all deductions) with Appytech’s Mutual Umbrella click here. We promise one of our friendly team will get back to you within 24 hours.
Sounds good right? That’s not all, if you refer a friend to Appytech you could even get up to an extra £500 cash in your pocket! Who could say no to that?

Posted in Contracting, Knowledge On September 14, 2016