• 5 reasons why mutual is the future

    With all the changes introduced in April 2016 (and those pending in 2017 for limited company contractors) life for many is starting to look very bleak. With the ability to claim expenses curtailed earlier this year and tighter control measures in 2017 for those with a limited company, the contracting world is going through some […]

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    Posted in Contracting, Knowledge, Limited On December 6, 2016

  • Uber and BBC ruling – what does it all mean

    Earlier this month, the online taxi service Uber was directed to recognise their drivers as employees rather than contractors, after the Central London Employment Tribunal’s decision went against the firm. It started with two drivers (supported by the GMB Union) who argued that they not self-employed but were company employees and therefore, entitled to a […]

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    Posted in Contracting, Knowledge On November 21, 2016

  • 90% pay rate…too good to be true?

    For a lot of contractors, the number one priority is being able to keep as much of their pay rate as possible. Who wouldn’t? All the work you do, of course you want to keep as much of that hard earned cash in your pocket. Unfortunately, quite a few contractors fall into the trap of […]

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    Posted in Contracting, Knowledge, Umbrella On October 26, 2016

  • Payroll & the technology – A look to the future

    The technological leaps and bounds the world has made over the past decade is astounding. Intelligent virtual assistants that can tell you anything, printing in 3D and self-driving cars are all contributing to one key area that every company and human is after…to make life easier, better and improve the way we live our lives. […]

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    Posted in Contracting, Software, Umbrella On October 19, 2016

  • Making Tax Digital – too soon or just right?

    By now we’re sure you’ve heard of the Government’s plan to make life harder for contractors who have a limited entity. With April’s 2016 changes still raw in everyone’s minds, many think the Government are rushing through changes too quickly (which doesn’t benefit anyone). The contracting industry has voiced its opinion on the matter, as […]

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    Posted in Contracting, Finance On October 10, 2016

  • Why be a contractor?

    Why be a contractor? Contracting – both a fantasy of thousands of workers across Britain who feel chained to their desks and a scary but super fulfilling way to grab your career by the horns and work under nobody else’s ruling but your own. Freelancing platform PeoplePerHour are forecasting that by 2020 over half of […]

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    Posted in Contracting, Knowledge On September 16, 2016

  • Calling all supply teachers

    You’ve dusted the cobwebs off your lesson plans and you’re raring to go for another term of teaching after a blissful six week’s summer break. Everything’s going great until you receive your first payslip and wonder – am I actually getting the best take home pay rate from my umbrella company? If you haven’t yet […]

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    Posted in Contracting, Knowledge On September 14, 2016

  • Expenses explained – what goes out doesn’t always come back in

    The confusion that surrounds expenses continues to be a question many contractors (and agencies) still don’t know the answer to. So we’re here to clear the air & clarify what steps you need to take and how you can get a better steer on what you can and can’t claim as expenses.

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    Posted in Contracting, Finance, Knowledge, Umbrella On August 31, 2016

  • Step by step guide for contracting newbies

    Congratulations, you’ve done it. You’ve secured your first contract role, you’ve had a glass of champers and you’ve pictured what you’ll spend your first payslip on; but now what?!

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    Posted in Contracting, Knowledge, Umbrella On August 31, 2016