It’s not all about employment and payroll, in the teenies, umbrella has evolved into more of a lifestyle choice. If you look at different parts of the sector, providers are now talking more about “collectivism” and making workers (employees) feel much more part of a club or caring and sharing employer.

If you think about it, it’s a natural reaction to the historic faceless organisations that dominated the flexible labour sector.

So what’s changed?

In simple terms, the reform of the expenses rules from 6 April 2016 has meant that umbrellas cannot now generate profit for themselves using your expenses, they’ve got to actually go to work and deliver a product and service you actually want to pay for, rather than just a same-same timesheet service with fee and payslip structures which require a degree in Maths to understand.

Creating real value for umbrella workers

Leaving aside the complicated world of contractor employment and tax, umbrellas have an opportunity to build a better, more genuine business model.

Technology led companies like Appy Tech are at the forefront of the move to a more rewarding and cost effective new generation of umbrella. Start with a neat App for your timesheets, 24 hour call pick-up and a friendly and knowledgeable payroll buddy, and you’re getting somewhere.

But to drive real value-add to workers that lost their expenses tax break in April, add-in free life cover, a low flat fee and quarterly bonuses, then we’re starting to make a contracting pay again.

Do more with less

See what good old fashioned attention to detail combined with the latest timesheeting apps can do for your bottom line.

Posted in Knowledge, Umbrella On June 4, 2016