Our mutual way of operating enables us to often provide contractors with a better remuneration package, when contractual arrangements allow.

The benefits of being mutual include:

• Remuneration packages that reward contractors for the risks they take
• A suite of support tools for landing more lucrative roles
• Other perks such as free Life Cover

Working mutually means that you share and collaborate with other likeminded contractors to ensure a better outcome across the group. Choosing to work this way means that you’ll benefit from:

• Lower overheads and lower fees
• Smarter invoicing for time and expenses
• Better pay rates when working in the UK or internationally

Not everybody’s circumstances allow them to collaborate and work mutually, and for the others we have products that deploy the best software, systems and outsourcing to keep fees as low as they can go.

So for those that are restricted to umbrella PAYE we offer:

• £10 per week umbrella service
• Free workplace insurance and same-day payments
• Help and support with seeking out better contracts

Admission to the mutual arrangements are managed by our compliance team, so feel free to contact us for an open and informal discussion.

Validating mutuality

There are some quite famous organisations that make the most of their mutual or cooperative status. Some shout about it, some don’t. Certainly the numbers stack up. It’s estimated that employee owned or substantially owned businesses contribute about £30 BN per annum to UK GDP, which is about the same as the budget for the Dept for Business, Innovation & Skills.

What type of UK organisations are mutual?

A very wide range, from savings institutions, to sports clubs and supermarkets, in both the public and private sector, and across the globe.

Some you might recognise as being mutual:

• John Lewis Partnership (including Waitrose)
• Arup
• Baker Tilly Tax and Advisory Services
• Serco

Others might surprise you:

• Wilkin and Sons and Tiptree preserves
• Bradford Metropolitan District Council
• Cahoot Recruitment
• Capita

Even HM Government has come around to the benefits of employee ownership in the public sector. Minister for the Cabinet Office, Matthew Hancock MP, as recently as July 2016 reiterated Government support for the new Public Service Mutuals Marketplace.

Posted in Knowledge On August 2, 2016